Mad Hatter Eventing
Oh what a day! It all started quite nicely this morning with a hack followed by an hour or two of teaching. Mo Mo was a saint as always. One of my students is a beginner rider who has had a few bad experiences with her horse so she decided to try riding one of my guys. Mo-mo is my 5 year old OTTB gelding; despite my promising he would behave she was still concerned that he was going to race off into never never land with her on his back. Luckily for Becca it was quite hard to encourage mo-mo that he really did want to work and not stand around getting loved on. Anyhoo, we left to run errands for a bit. On our trip home there was an unusual amount of traffic. Naturally Thomas and I started joking that it was probably a cow or Piper (my escape pony) directing traffic. Lo and behold as we pull into the farm our two welsh pony weanlings are grazing in the front yard. Apparently they are practicing their jumping skills for when there older. They jumped over a 4' fence in order to get to the grass on the otherside. Face palm.... Did I mention that they are only 11.2 - 12 hh?

The horses and I have taken the past month or off because of the holidays/moving etc but now it is time to get back to work. The ponies are not to keen on the idea and were in the back 30... All in all everyone was quite good. Piper went on a lovely hack and learned that gates don't eat you when they are open/shut from horseback. Mo Mo was wonderful as always we just need to work on that impulsion... He would prefer a slooooow walk at best. I on the other hand have quite a list of things to work on.. It's amazing what multiple holiday dinners do to you! Hello P90X... Can't wait until the start of show season!!! Hopefully Piper and I will be swinging by the Virginia Horse Center later this month for some